Welcome to the private screening room of U-47700.


We are thrilled to present to you what we have been working on for the past half year. It is our first production as Katdark Studios. And quite a challenging production it was! 


UPDATE: We are happy to announce that Walt Klink (who portrays O.B.) has landed a major role alongside Emily Blunt in the Amazon Studios/BBC series The English. 

Remember to scroll down after the film to watch some behind the scenes footage and download the script and other pre-production material, and to learn more about what it took to make this film in the anecdotes written by Lucia.

We would be happy to tell you more about our future productions!

About U-47700:

In this brief trip to the future. Director Erasmo Parra takes us to a moment in humanity in which a drug called Mickey rules people's lives. About twenty years after a great world war that has put an end to the most important invention of that century, the internet.

A new religion has emerged after the appearance of a young prophetess 'Ador Mada' who, according to witnesses, was the one who ended the war in a miraculous way. Continents and many countries were separated by the effects of radiation.

There is no way to travel between countries, and the survivors of this destructive war have to deal with their corrupt governments. Many of them former generals who have become political leaders.

The story is told by the young O.B. also known as Obelix, who hangs out every night with his best friends Kalkin Glauser and Kingston von Kareldam at the 'Katdark Den' a small club that sells Mickey.


Without further ado,

*Pass: revealthetruth

Enjoy the show!

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Before the shoot and during the writing of our script we made a 
mood board 

to get the actors informed about their backstory and style. It helped us as well to create their costumes and decide on their hairstyles.




The idea for

U-47700 was created by Erasmo Parra a couple of years ago as a concept for an anthology of shorts about an impending future. 

Download the script to read along with the short.

Script u47.png
Screenshot 2021-08-22 at 19.29.07.png

Behind The Scenes

Watch our behind the scenes footage.  There's some fails and bloopers.
It's pretty damn goofy...

watch below


It was a challenge to find a fitting music. We tried everything from 70s synth electronica to 50's exotica. But for some mystical reason Bach was the winner. It set the tone and played along well with the mood and the imagery of the film.

Listen to the soundtrack below.


A short anecdote on the making of this film: by Lucia


The inspiration for writing a post-apocalypse drug story came from 'Tramadol', a kind of pain killer Erasmo had to take against severe back pain. That, and the impending doom feeling of living locked up in our own apartment for weeks at a time during a global pandemic, made the perfect base for that kind of story. 


Erasmo and I wrote the script for U-47700 between christmas and new year's eve 2020. We had been working on a different project together in March of the same year, but the rapid spread of Covid-19 put a very rough stop to that. However, we felt the need to create something, despite the strong limitations at the time. 


So we decided to give it a try, and face any possible issues. Boy were we in for some trouble.


Preproduction was in full progress, locations scouted, a fitting for the costumes scheduled. The friday morning the script was supposed to be getting it's last touches, (about 2 weeks before shooting) the software we used for writing the script crashed. And, for some reason inexplicable to the both of us, neither of us had made any back ups. So we were back to square one, rewriting the entire script in a weekend, piecing together all the random junks of lines we could scratch together.
By monday morning the support team got back to us, and luckily they were able to retireve our old version. Coming out of it with some degree of shock, but otherwise unharmed, we decided to push on. Naturally, we immediately backed up everything. 


But that was not the end of it. We knew shooting in the middle of a global pandemic was risky at best, having to call off the entire shoot if there was but a single crew or cast member feeling ill. So we took all precautions possible, providing masks and protective shields for everyone on set, organising several desinfectant stations and keeping distance where ever possible. 


However, 3 days before shooting, the local government issued a curfew, starting on the first day of our shoot. This limited our shooting time significantly, and made it impossible to continue with our current shooting schedule. Not being able to extend to another day of shooting, we proceeded with the only other solution: We cut a few scenes, skipped a few extras and decided to get it in the can anyway. 


The shooting conditions were rough, the main location being an old church building with no heating system. Make-up was constantly covering up red noses, blankets and hot bevrages were in high demand, and whenever possible, cast members wore an extra jacket over their costumes. In some strike of luck we managed to get the outdoor scenes done without any rain. 


The entire short was filmed with absolutely minimal cast and crew, in order to lower the risk of infection. One of our crew members even got to shine in front of the camera, helping us out as an extra. And, despite all of us having to work for 2 or even 3, it payed off. We got all the scenes wrapped without a single case of Covid-19. 


Having secured two sponsorship deals, one for the gear, and one for the costumes, made it possible for us to work with an ultra low budget, but still keep the production value high. The main camera used was the Red Komodo, which allowed us to get most of the footage on 6K. 


Erasmo and I are currently working on our next projects in Barcelona. We are developing a scripted series set in the 90s and also writing a feature film.


We are happy to also see our cast members on the rise, the star of our short, Walt Klink, is currently filming in Madrid along side Emily Blunt. 


To have made it this far is an incredible achievement for the both of us, and we couldn't be more thankful for everyone who has contirbuted to the making of this short. 

Thank you for watching!

We hope to see you for the next one!