In this brief trip to the future. Director Erasmo Parra takes us to a moment in humanity in which a drug called Mickey rules people's lives. About twenty years after a great world war that has put an end to the most important invention of that century, the internet.

A new religion has emerged after the appearance of a young prophetess 'Ador Mada' who, according to witnesses, was the one who ended the war in a miraculous way. Continents and many countries were separated by the effects of radiation.

There is no way to travel between countries and the survivors of this destructive war have to deal with their corrupt governments. Many of them former generals who have become political leaders.

The story is told by the young O.B. also known as Obelix, who hangs out every night with his best friends Kalkin Glauser and Kingston von Kareldam at the 'Katdark Den' a small club that sells Mickey.

Behind The Scenes