Katdark Studios was founded in 2020 by Lucia Bärtschi and Erasmo Parra.

We write, produce and direct feature films, short films, documentaries and scripted series and collaborate as co-producers on international productions.


We travel where projects take us and are always happy to explore new destinations.

Take a look at our upcoming productions.


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Hi, I'm Lucia, I grew up in Switzerland where I first discovered my ambition in photography and storytelling. I decided to shoot my shot and moved to Amsterdam, where I studied photography.


That's where I met Erasmo, my partner. We hit it off right from the start and naturally our creative energies aligned in the process. He introduced me to the world of film, which has been a huge eye-opener for me.


My passion for writing and story telling was finally put to use, my training in photography paid off as well, and all my Swiss sense for scheduling and organizing even earned me the nickname 'Lucy Producy'.

Lucia Bärtschi 
Writer, Photographer, Producer.

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Hey, I'm Erasmo, I was born in Amsterdam in 1987 and grew up between Europe and Chile.

During the many years of my musical career, which I started at the young age of 14, my heart's always been beating for film, and so I decided to follow that calling.


At first, I made experimental short films, commercial and corporate work, shooting for Chanel and L'Oréal amongst other brands.


I've always dreamed of telling my own stories through films. I'm in love with cinema and everything that surrounds it. 

Erasmo de la Parra 
Director, Writer, Producer

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